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I Like Pie!

A legacy of oh_that_jocelyn's visit are eight eggs from C & T's chickens. They're very good, but I don't eat eggs very much. So I was thinking, “What's the Best and Highest Use for Quality Eggs?” You can probably guess: PIE!

I made a sweet-potato pie. As part of my move toward being wheat-free, I made the crust from a recipe I found on the Internet, which uses ground almonds and brown rice flour (the recipe, not the Internet). It came out great! The crust is very tasty, and is more durable than I would have expected. And since the pie is mostly sweet potatoes, eggs and milk (I used stevia and molasses for sweetening), it's actually not that bad for you. I bet it will be eaten right quickly.

Now I have four eggs left. What to do? What to do?

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