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Free Theater!

Today I ushered for "Drawer Boy" at ART. I had totally forgotten this detail, but the show had sold out because William Hurt is in it, and apparently there are a lot of Portlanders who want to see a Big-City Movie Star act. (In case you're wondering, he did fine.) We were instructed to tell people that Mr. Hurt would NOT be signing autographs, and if any patrons tried to talk to him during the show, we were to immediately escort them to the House Manager in the lobby. Fortunately the audience was well-behaved. This is Oregon, after all.

I was actually more impressed with Allen Nause; I've never seen him in a role before where I stopped thinking "Hey, there's Allen Nause!" and only saw the character. I suspect he actually is a Canadian farmer, and this whole "Artistic Director" thing is just an act. That would explain a lot.

After the show the ushers tidy up the cups and programs left by the audience, so we leave after almost everyone else has gone. As I was driving off, I saw William Hurt standing in the parking lot talking to one of the other ushers and some other people. I could have stopped and joined it, but I didn't. I find starstruck behavior annoying, and personally prefer to treat celebrities like everyone else. (I know I'm kinda violating this policy by even mentioning him, but I'm only human.)

All in all, "Drawer Boy" is not a bad show. We learn that Canadian farmers survive almost solely on sandwiches. There are some funny bits where farmer Morgan (Allen Nause) dryly tells playwright Miles (Patrick Wohlmut) outlandish lies about farming, like having to get up early the next day to rotate the crops. Be aware that there are no car chases, gunshots, sword fights, or nudity, and there's over 140 minutes of just talking. And nobody blows up, real good or otherwise.

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