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People often ask me “Evan, you seem so Good and Pure, do you have a Dark Side?” and the answer is “No, of course not.” Then they say “That seems strange, coming from someone who wants to build a Robot Army and Take Over the World!” To which I say, “All right! Yes, I have a Dark Side!” And since part of the purpose of having this blog is to let people know me better, I've decided that today is Secret Confessions Day, and I'll confess a few secrets that reveal the part of me that is Perhaps Best Kept Hidden.

WARNING: The Following May Be Too Intense For Small Children and the Frequently Confused:
#1. Sometimes, when I'm paying a library fine of 25¢, I think about asking if I can pay it in installments, like over five months. I've never actually said this, though. But I think it's pretty funny.

#2. When I see someone pushing an empty stroller, I consider yelling “My god, your baby's been stolen!” , Come to think of it, I've never done this, either. I doubt many parents would find it funny. But it kinda is.

#3. I have a Sekrit Livejournal account with an alter ego to post weird thoughts and observations which amuse me greatly, but are stylistically outside the parameters of this journal. You know, grown-up language and stuff.
You ask "What is the account name so I can go read it?" Sorry, perhaps I'll reveal that in some future Secret Confessions Day, but not today. I need to maintain my Aura of Mystery.

Thanks for reading, and I encourage you to make some Secret Confessions of your own! Come on, I dare you! ;-)

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