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Happiness Is A Warm Backup.

Today I finally got around to plugging in my new external hard drive and backing up my data. I must say, I'm impressed. Previously, the best back-up technology I had was a Zip 250 drive. That worked fairly well, but I couldn't put all of my data onto one disk, even compressed. So I had things split out; disks for pictures, for Publisher files, for my documents, etc. All just inconvenient enough that I had gotten lax on my regular backups.

Right now, my backup drive is a bit of over-capacity. I copied everything over from “My Documents,” which now holds all of my writings, all the comics (including the big Photoshop files and the high-res versions of the comics), all of my pictures, Publisher files, email and bookmarks. Everything. And it only filled 2.7GB of an 80GB drive. It's like renting a big two-car garage to store all my stuff, and then only putting six boxes and an exercise bike in it.

But I've got lots of room! The comic is the fastest-growing storage consumer right now, but I don't think I need to worry about filling up my available capacity too quickly. And backing up is convenient and much easier than before. I just copy the entire “My Documents” folder onto the external drive. It took six minutes. So now if Douglas's C: drive gets unexpectedly fried, all I'd have to do (once the main drive has been replaced) is plug the external drive in and copy all the data over. Easy!

I'll still probably make DVD backups as well, so I can store them off-site. The external drive is excellent protection for drive failure, but could be lost at the same time in the event of fire, theft or meteor strike. But I feel good about having my data backed up so thoroughly and neatly.

But enough about me, how's your data?
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