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BICPTL – And Worked...

I thought I was done with tomorrow's comic, but then I wasn't. I don't consider myself a Perfectionist, but I wasn't completely happy with it. I'm still not, but it's better. Fortunately, I don't offer a “This Comic Will Make You Laugh Or Your Money Back!” Guarantee or anything. I promise nothing! Read at your own risk! DO NOT EAT!

Not much to report, otherwise. At work, a guy came in and asked if I could buy some books. When I said yes, he and his sons brought in five yellow recycling bins filled with books. I spent over an hour looking up ISBN's. I bought a fraction of what they had, but it still made a huge stack on the desk.

When I got home, there were there were three envelopes in the mail from the Unemployment Insurance Department. One of them was thicker than the others. I had a twinge of anxiety (I mean, I did what they told me to, so nothing BAD could happen, right?). The several pages merely told me that their legal finding was that I had provided the information they requested. At least now I have documentation that says they know I follow instructions.

Now to bed. I can't sleep in tomorrow morning or my fans will be asking why the comic hasn't posted yet. At least I'm done with it. I think.

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