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Putting The “PHAB” In ALPHABET!*

I’m not doing the Alphabet Fortnights, but I did note, in honor of D Fortnight, that today I helped Dude D move.  I don’t know how old we have to be before it’s time to give up the DIY moving.  I had an image of us in our eighties getting the call “Hey, I’ve finally gotten that spot in the Retirement Home, can you come help me move next week?”  I like the image of a bunch of Old Dudes carrying boxes and having pizza and a nap afterward…

D moved from a second-story apartment (everything was either a up flight of stairs, or in the basement and therefore a flight down) to a two-story house, with a basement.  Yeah, more stairs.  It took four of us three hours to load a truck, drive about three hundred yards (yes, that close), and empty it. I don’t think I’m in bad shape, but I was quite ready to be done with stairs by the time it was over.  I definitely got my workout for today.

That was all very nice, but the Fun Part of the day was after that.  grrlpup and sanguinity came over so we could go to the Avalon!  I was rather disappointed that they no longer had the shooting-gallery video game, which is about the only one I play there.  I suppose the Younger Generation, what with their iPods and PSPs, have little interest in shooting electronic bowling pins, tin cans and ceramic plates.  We did try one game where you put on gloves and punch six red paddles that swing out.  We all did poorly, probably because all the instructions (written and spoken) were in Japanese.  I mean, we think we were supposed to punch the paddles, but maybe were had it all wrong.  So then sanguinity and I played a game where we defended deep-sea divers from ravening sharks, sea snakes, eels, a kraken and a leviathan.  We didn’t do so well there either, but it was more entertaining.  Then I found a Paintball game, which gave me a chance to shoot things (in a non-lethal, paintball sort of way), but I thought it strange that my arms were getting very tired from it, until I remembered that I’d spent three hours lifting boxes and furniture earlier in the day. 

Of course, the Avalon trip culminated with some Dance Dance Revolution.  I always think I’m doing well, then I get a little off target, and my dance steps don’t register.  Still, that too was good exercise.

After the Avalon was a Write-In.  We’d passed a coffee shop on Belmont that I’d never seen before, and we thought we’d try it.  The guy behind the counter was very pleased that we came in, and when he brought our food and drinks to our table, said that they’d been open about three weeks (which explains the whole “not seen before” thing.  I’d be a bit disappointed in myself if I’d completely missed a Nano-suitable coffeehouse SO CLOSE to my home in November).  We wrote (well, I made sanguinity tell me about a book she was reading while grrlpup wrote, until we finally followed her sterling example) for a while.  Then a musician started setting up to play, and we decided that was our cue to leave.

One the way home, we stopped for food at the Chinese take-out place at the corner of 39th & Belmont, where I’d never been before.  All in all, it was quite the expedition of Discovery, which is another D thing after all.

*With apologies to The Librarian. ;-)

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