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I watched a bunch of “Lost” this week.  I’d taped a few shows a while back, not intending to go long before seeing them, but got stuck.  So then I had to keep taping the new shows as they were broadcast, so I could watch them all in order (it’s better that way). I’ve seen a half-dozen shows in the last few days.

So I was thinking... The characters on the show are really starting to annoy me.  Sure, strange things are happening to them.  And it’s a drama, so there needs to be conflict.  But they make very stupid mistakes and are letting characters’ personality problems threaten the safety and well-being of the whole group.  I mean, who thinks it’s a good idea to let the crazy people have the guns?  “Oh, you’re kinda losing it?  Here, have a gun!” And why do they let the blatantly disruptive and uncontrollable guy stay with them?  It’s a dangerous island; I think it would be pretty easy to arrange an unfortunate accident.  “Sure, your self-destructive behaviors jeopardize us all, but right now let’s just go admire the view from this cliff.”

If only I had a platform for going on about the conventions and cliches of fiction…. ;-)  Yes, you can expect to see an advice letter about this sometime soon.  I mean, my god; if there was ever anyone who needed help from Dr. Eldritch, it’s those knuckleheads.  Then maybe they can stabilize into a peaceful, well-ordered community while they wait to be rescued, and the show would get really dull, and I wouldn’t need to keep watching.  Yeah, right.
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