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BIMCPLT - Sunny and Chilly!

Much of today revolved around the comic.  I posted Wednesday’s update.  I made a new Vote Incentive bonus comic.  And assembled Monday’s comic.  And got as much done for Friday’s update as I could.  (I can’t finish the comic until the contest entry deadline passes and the winner is chosen, naturally, but I did get everything else ready.)  And I got all of next week’s script nailed down, so I could even try to get a bit farther ahead tomorrow.  That took most of the day.

Once again, the weather was so beautiful, I had to go for a walk.  It’s chilly out, though.  The first few minutes, before I got warmed up, I had some doubts as to the wisdom of the endeavor.  But the sky was just SO BLUE!  Just amazing.  The forecasts say there will be sunny weather through the weekend, but temperatures will drop into the low 20’s.  I guess it is still winter; I’m just not used to a Portland winter with clear, blue skies.  But I’m not complaining!
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