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Well, today didn't turn out as I had planned. Early in the afternoon, sanguinity called, and asked if I wanted to go for a walk on Mt. Tabor. Luckily, the virtually non-stop torrent of exciting events that is my Life had a clear space in the schedule, so I was pleased to say Yes. The great thing is that I not only got a walk, but we got to talk about all sorts of stuff (some topics noted in parenthesis). We left her car on Taylor & 60th, and walked to the top (siege engines and the construction and use of), admired the view, and headed down the south side (how history will remember the Bush Administration). There are a couple lampposts on the wooded hillside that feel a bit Narniaesque; aside from the path, there's nothing around them but trees (the writings of C. S. Lewis, the 1967 Peter Cook/Dudley Moore comedy "Bedazzled", responsible dog ownership). We circled the reservoirs (the bizarre imagery from the Opening Ceremony of the Torino Olympics), and hung out for a while admiring the view of Portland again (comparative scenery between the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest,), before heading back to my apartment for some tea. She knitted while we talked (knitting), and then decided she should go (novel writing, comparative cash-register technology between 2005 and 1992, Beauty and the Beast, John Woo movies, "Face/Off", how would you know if a loved one had been replaced by someone who looks identical to them, the structural impacts of a giant snake smashing through the walls of a school building).

We didn't talk about What's Wrong With Kids These Days, but I bet we could expound on that pretty well for a while. So I didn't get my comic script written for the week, but I had a good time.

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