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Ho Hum, Ho Hum; It's Here To Work I've Come....

Since there's been a pronounced lack of Magical Helper Elves showing up and doing my housework, much of Wednesday was spent tidying up in preparation for L's visit (that's my ex-mother-in-law, and yes, the abbreviation for that is XML). It wasn't so much that she was coming to visit me, but I was acting as a waystation between Coos Bay and and early-morning flight at PDX. Still, it gave me a good excuse to make my apartment more presentable. Things weren't at their best when I started feeling sick two weeks ago, and chores have been low on the priority list since. Not that I only have a neat home when guests come over, but it's a frequent motivator.

We had a very nice visit (well, I did anyway, and she didn't complain, so I assume she had a good time). We spent a while waiting to see if drarwenchicken would come over so we could play the Three-Deck Game. She finally did arrive, but couldn't stay to play. So L told me stories about what's been going on in her life while I made dinner, and after I went to bed, she washed a big stack of dishes, so it was kind of like having Helper Elves, after all.

So now I'm back at work. It feels a little strange; it's been almost two weeks since I was last here. The bookcases by the desk have been shifted around, so now I can see the display area in the front window (due to a shoplifting event last week). I can also see much more of what's going on outside. That's mostly a good thing, although there is some intense glare coming off the buildings across the way (but I'm not complaining about having sunlight! No! We like the Sun!)

Tonight, grrlpup and sanguinity are picking me up for a Super Sekkrit Mission to Downtown Portland! I look forward with eager anticipation; if we all make it back alive, I'll post something about it tomorrow....

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