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Today's most unusual event was a visit to the dentist. Yes, time for another cleaning and check-up already! As I drove to the bank afterward (I still think it's good to cluster errands together), I thought about how odd it was that our teeth need regular care by a dental professional.

I know; one can live an entire lifetime without ever going to a dentist, but what sort of image does that engender? Imagine the teeth of someone who never sees a dentist, and you probably don't visualize a movie star's plumb-and-true dentition, even without the lustrous sheen that's just too white to be natural. Sure, I'm amazed by the wonder that is the Human Body, but wouldn't it have been better to design teeth that don't decay so easily? Admittedly, we'd probably do better if we were eating the same diet that our prehistoric ancestors ate as they were calmly evolving into Homo sapiens; tubers, twigs and the occasional marmoset. Grains and white sugar have been part of our evolutionary meal plan for only the tiniest flicker at the end of the relative scale, so biologically speaking, we're like the kids raised on whole foods getting Twinkies and Mountain Dew on their 18th birthday. We're just not geared for that.

Since I'm on the topic, I am disappointed that we can't function well on whatever nutritional intake is available. I mean, wouldn't it be great if we could live healthy and happy lives, operating at peak efficiency, whether we only consumed the sorts of things found in a bus-station vending machines or devoted half of our day to cooking all-natural, nutritionally-balanced, home-made meals? You may think I'm just bitter because I can be rather hungover after a night of eating pizza or cake, even if absolutely no alcohol was involved. And yes, I am. But wouldn't it be great if we could just eat a bag of cookies for dinner and know that brilliantly clever metabolisms would extract out all the useful nutrients, synthesize anything missing from the excess, store a little extra caloric reserve (but not too much), and allow us to feel healthfully energized?

I know, wishing that things were different won't make it so. I'm grateful that there are people who are willing to do dental cleanings. Even though we need an entire medical profession devoted to the care and maintenance of teeth, it would be much worse to need it, and not have anyone who was willing to do it.

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