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Beautiful Day, Though...

Well, I planned a lot more for today than I actually accomplished.

Worked on the newsletter during an hour-long phone conversation with Gilead. I always like how our conversational topics ramble through our individual creative pursuits, stories about mutual friends, and always end up with "What's Wrong With Kids These Days."

I was tired all morning, but I figured Id pick up the pace in the afternoon. But the sky was clear blue, so I walked to the store and back. Then I finished the newsletter and sent it off for proofreading. And it was still so nice out, I went for another walk. I managed about fifteen blocks, then I felt tired. So I headed home.

I was a bit annoyed that I missed the memo in January about how OTC cough suppressants aren't effective. It's not so much the $1.49 I spent on a bottle of Walgreen's store brand, but the whole duplicity of it vexes me. How many advertisements have we seen where people find comfort and relief from their pharmaceuticals? And now we find out that they don't, and the people who make the cough syrup KNOW that. I find it no stretch to be suspicious of the government, but I'd like to think that when the FDA labels something "safe and effective", that shouldn't just mean "safe in the levels of a recommended dose" and fails to mention that "effective" is only true in much larger amounts. More honest labeling would be to say "For Entertainment Purposes Only."

When I got home, I sat down to work on the comic, but I faded. I ended up back on the couch for a few hours. I'd pretty much decided that it was Monday and I needed to get caught up on all those things I let slide last week. But my body wasn't quite ready for that. Yet another reminder that Recovery By Schedule doesn't work very well.
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