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BIMCHPTL - And Cautiously Optimistic

I continue to improve. I could have been more social, but aside from a quick grocery trip, I stayed home today. While I was out, I learned that the Division Nature's is going to close. Which was going to inspire a diatribe about how Change is Bad. I'll save that for later. (And no, I don't really fear ALL change, just changes I don't like.)

I set the goal of finishing Comic #61 today, and managed to achieve that goal, but it took a LONG TIME. I suppose if I'd been satisfied with the first draft (or drafts up to about nineteen, I think), I could have been done in time to go for a walk while it was sunny out. But I just wasn't satisfied with it, and I kept working at it. I don't think it's my best work, but the final version at least got a snicker, so it was better than the previous tries.

Did anybody else have a hard time sleeping last night? For the last week, I slept almost as much as a cat (Ha! Just a joke. Maybe half as much as a cat.) So I think last night was the backlash, and I had a hard time falling asleep. Or I was having Nyquil withdrawal. And there was the windstorm. Whatever the cause, I woke up with the blanket and duvet all twisted up, as if I'd dreamt that I'd been wrestling an Anaconda. Fortunately, I hadn't.

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