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Seven Days, Six Nights

Well, I can look back on the last seven days and honestly say that there goes a week of my life I'm never, ever going to get back. I'm feeling better than I have for days, but I'm still below the range of "Good." I'm glad I didn't try to work today. I would have had to close shop for a while and nap in the Religion and Metaphysics section.

I can't say I've learned much from this experience. Well, I did learn that one dose of Nyquil makes me groggy for about 15 hours, so I should time it more carefully on nights before an update to the comic. And I learned that it's really hard to write crisp, funny copy while ill. Another argument for having things written well ahead of time. Like I need more.

I look forward to having Life go back to normal, and not fear that seeing my friends will be visiting pestilence upon them. And maybe over the weekend, I'll start being funny again. That would be nice...
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