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BUIPLT - And Feeling Kinda Better

Are you familiar with the term "Scope Creep?" No, it's not some unwholesome guy with a mouthwash fetish. It's a project management term, describing the uncontrolled addition of requirements to a project, often in little bits and pieces, particularly after the project has been estimated and budgeted. Quite often it's a matter of "since you're working on that part already, can we add this feature too?" I was thinking of this because I had to venture out from my apartment to drop off the rent check. Since I was going out, I figured I could also make a trip to the grocery store. And as I'd pass right by the library, I could return and pick up books.... You see where that's going, don't you? It's easy to let it creep, especially with having most errands put on hold since the weekend. I don't know if I'd prolong recovery time by overextending myself too soon, but I've made the mistake before of letting scope creep keep me busy before I was really up to it.

I’m doing better, but I can tell I'm still a bit foggy mentally. Hard to say whether it's from being sick or from the mix of cold medicines I've been taking, but I noticed when I was trying to make decisions earlier. I got an email from J (the one who worked at the bookstore), telling me about a contract position for a Tech Writer with Analyst skills. Yes, this is just about perfect for me. My first choice would be to have Tim present me for the position, and I sent him a copy of the email. That raised questions, some of which I had no answers for, and the others seemed too hard to figure out. Do I really want a full-time job right now? I'm not sure. In the past, when someone's basically handed me a job, it's worked out very well. And this is a contracting gig, so it wouldn't be permanent. It might be just what I need to keep me going until I get this novel finished and into the hands of agents and publishers. I don't know. And I don't need to figure it out right now.

I'm glad that I didn't try to work today at the bookstore. A trip to the grocery and a load of laundry were about the right level of activity. I trust with a good night's sleep, I'll have the mental focus to process book orders and maybe make an in-store sale or two. I'm glad I don't have a job like being an air-traffic controller, where people's lives depend on my focus and accuracy. I should be fine, unless I decide that since I'm there, I should reorganize the storage closet, or redo the window display or something like that....

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