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Did I Mention I'm Tired?

Not much to report so far today. There was a moment where I thought I was about to experience Great Excitement, and not in the good way. An older woman was in the store; not quite elderly, but not in good health. She hunched over, moved slowly with the aid of a walker, and was in the midst of a Prodigious Cold. She coughed and sniffled near constantly. I was NOT pleased with that; my preference is that people don't share their colds, especially when I can't go elsewhere. She spent quite a while looking around, occasionally telling me things, but otherwise being well behaved.

So forty-five minutes into her shopping, she's sitting in the chair near the cash register, looking at the trays of earrings. I'm at the computer, and I realize that she's gone quiet. Too quiet. I look over, and she's slumped in the chair, and started to tilt to the side. I scoop up the phone (in case I need to call 911), and am on my feet to check on her vitals, asking loudly if she's okay. Which wakes her up. I think she was a trifle embarrassed to have dozed off like that; and I didn't point out that she nearly had an ambulance dispatched. Moral: Don't fall asleep while in ill health, people will assume the worst.

I'm just glad this event wasn't any more interesting than it was.

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