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The Volcano looked very nice this morning:

Mount St. Helens
(Click to enlarge)

More beautiful weather! Kind of an Errand Day, though. After getting the notes on the Newsletter from the Proofreading Minion, I mailed it out and uploaded the webpages. While I was online, I got an IM from Tim, asking if I was interested in having him present me for a Senior Tech Writer position. I thought about it, and said yes, which meant I had to email him a copy of my current resume. Which meant figuring out which file with the word "resume" in the filename was the most recent tech-writing-oriented resume (Note to self: Organize resume files!). Then there was the grocery shopping, and a bit of cooking. And the weather was still fabulous, so I walked up the neighborhood volcano (Today's Factoid: Mt. Tabor is the only volcano INSIDE city limits in the US (and that's the truth, and not some of my Whimsical Fabrication; you can look it up)). The air was chilly in the shade. This was the first time I climbed the stairs at top of Tabor this year, and I was winded halfway up them. I need to make that walk more often. Then home, swapped a few emails with sanguinity, typed in the horoscopes I thought up while walking, prepped tomorrow's comic for uploading. Saw that "Sideways" was in at the library, and I wanted some books on Origami, so I walked there and back.

Sometimes I really wonder how I could go back to a full-time job, now that I know what I'd be missing.
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