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Man, today just flew by! A lot of it was spent in creative pursuits; prepped the upload for tomorrow's comic, went to a write-in with grrlpup (did you know Papaccino's has bluegrass fiddle players on Sunday afternoons? Neither did we, much to our chagrin). At the write-in, wrote this week's horoscopes, then worked on my novel. sanguinity had stayed home, but I dropped by and visited for a while. Their dog, L, was very happy to see me, as I will thump him on the side and tell him that he's the best dog there. Which I'm fairly certain he is, as I've never seen any other dogs at their house.

I probably should have worked on the newsletter when I got home, but I thought it wouldn't take too long to assemble Friday's comic. I was wrong, but I finished it anyway. I'm enjoying that I've got a week's worth of comics ready, so I can spend a few days scripting out the rest of the storyarc, and still have time to work on the comics before it's time to post them next week.

I've said this a number of times this month, perhaps I've even noted it here. Something needs to change. The financial facet of my life is not sustainable, and even though I'm by no means in dire straits yet, I know I can't continue doing exactly what I'm doing and remain solvent. This doesn't necessarily mean I need to go get a full-time corporate job again. If I did, where would I find the time to write? Between comics, newsletters and my novel, I can easily fill a week, with a little time here and there for housecleaning, errands and projects. The change could merely be that I get paid for my writing. One of the things I should do with the time I've saved up by getting this week's comics ready is send out syndication queries. That would be a step in the right direction.

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