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Tired, But the Good Kind of Tired...

I have great friends. Today's highlights might have been topping off the air in the car's tires, or remembering how to program the speed dial on my cell phone (and how sucky would Life be if those were indeed the best parts of my day?), but my friends came through in Grand Form, and made it a Very Good Day indeed.

Parts of the day were merely a groggy blur. Despite being up late the last couple nights, I still woke up before my alarm. And once I was awake, I figured I might as well get up and upload the comic. I mean, I went to all the trouble of preparing it last night, it would seem silly to delay it at all. Even with breakfast and a mug of coffee, I was tired, though. So after I dealt with the car (which also included checking oil, coolant and washer fluid, woohoo!), I got to work with just a few minutes to spare, and went next door to the café to get coffee and an apple muffin.

Side Note: While I've been working off and on at the bookstore for quite a while, I'd only once gone to the café. Apparently the proprietors had noticed and mentioned to Nenslo their disappointment that I had not come by more often. So while I could have made more coffee at home, I went over and said hi. It reminded me of what sanguinity said about booting up coworkers; I apparently wasn't properly fulfilling my role as a member of the Merchant Community properly. So I met the social needs and got coffee.

So today was being mostly another Day At Work; filling orders, listing books and listlessly poking about at stuff because I was too tired to be terribly effective. Then sanguinity walks in! She brought fixings for Peach Ginger Ale Floats, which were right tasty, and boosted my morale like nobody's business. She stayed to chat a bit, and amused herself when I had to deal with store business, and once again kindly left when I did and didn't try to hide in the store after closing. It was very nice of her to visit, and I hope I adequately voiced my gratitude.

From there, I had just enough time to go home, eat a quick dinner and pick up The Librarian so we could arrive on time to the Game Night at M & Dr. M's house! They were all set up for playing poker, but apparently I have Great Power, for I merely said that I'd rather play board games, and from the cupboards, games did appear! I considered announcing that everyone would wear silly hats and speak in funny voices, but you know, Great Responsibility and all that. We split nine of us into three teams for a vigorous game of Hoopla (which is like Cranium Lite with picture cards). We decided we didn't like the official rules, so we made up our own, which included having each team tell a story at the end with all of the cards they collected during the course of the game. Our story began with Colonel Sanders and Venus Williams going on Spring Break in a Model T. The best part of the whole game was that there was much laughing involved. And some amazing "how did you guess that?" moments, like when TJ watched me draw a circle with a crown on it, and guessed "Hamlet."

So once again I'm going to bed late, but it was well worth it. And I can sleep in tomorrow....

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