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Celebrating MLK Day In My Own Special Way...

It's MLK Day, and it seems like I should say something insightful about prejudice and racial harmony, but I can't think of anything. I did make a point of not oppressing anybody today.

Part of the problem with trying to get organized is that no matter what I'm doing, there's a ton of things that I'm not doing. Today I spent almost three hours replying to email messages, and I still didn't get caught up. I'd posted comic #52, and an Alert Reader pointed out that in the process, I'd messed up the page for comic #51, so I had to fix that. Then there were transcriptions to approve, and then I realized if I was going to go grocery shopping in time to have food for lunch, I had to go do that...

By the time I'd shopped and eaten, it was time to work on my novel. Since it's been a month since I last posted a chapter (No way! Yes way!), much of my two-hour block was spent reminding myself of where I was (which mostly looked like me just rereading my draft and my notes for the final act). So I didn't get much written today, but I'm again excited about writing it! And if may I say so, there's a lot that I really enjoy about this story, even in draft form. Like when you make brownies, and you taste the batter that's left in the bowl, and it's not the same as the finished product, but it's still really tasty! (It's a NaNo novel, and there's an aversion to using the "G" word when describing one's own NaNo, but I'll say it: Some bits are really Good!)

So all of this took all day to do, and while it's all stuff I wanted to get done, I don't have this week's newsletter ready to go out yet. Not to mention all the other things I didn't work on at all. I guess it gives me something to do tomorrow. And I'll try to not oppress anybody then, either.

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