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I am poorly, hear me WHINE!

Crap, I'm sick! Did the Yard Sale yesterday, with a reasonable amount of success, but I was feeling really tired during the last few hours. Tired evolved into scummy while I stowed everything away (it's good that I tidied up then, I wouldn't be up for it today). As the evening progressed, it became apparent that I was not just fatigued, but blooming into a robust cold, complete with sore throat and vigorously productive sinuses. I retired to my room with a mug of Cold Care tea and the comfort of Mr. Television, who doesn't mind if I blow my nose every 43 seconds.

Now, you're probably thinking "Of course you're sick, you sat outside ALL DAY!" While it's true that being outside for long periods is bad for you, it was a sunny, warm Portland spring day. And it actually takes 3-5 days for incubation of a cold, so I thought back to what I was doing earlier this week, and had the "AH HA!" moment: Monday I went to Eugene with B, D, and toddler G! Most people think the saying "Be around a small child, catch a cold!" is just an Old Non-Gender-Biased-Spouse's Tale, but it's true.

I think I would have been okay if it wasn't such a bad tree-pollen year. It's not the allergy that made me ill, but Allergy makes me Congested, which makes me take Decongestants, which makes me Sleep Poorly, which makes me Fatigued, which lowers my Immune System, which makes me Vulnerable to Small Children, so I got Sick. Crap!

And to top it off, we just shifted to Daylight Saving Time, and I didn't save the hour from last fall, so it's going to throw me off even more. Oh well, I'm going back to bed. Y'all stay well!

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