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I Was Productive AND Went To Work

I was going to work on Friday's comic yesterday, but I had an idea for a Bonus Comic, and I had to do that first... So today I had to finish the comic. I had a bit of a stockpile earlier, but am back near the bottom of the escalator again. Oh, well.

While last week's workdays seemed to drag on, today went very quickly. As my first workday this week, today was my "Monday," and tomorrow is my "Friday," which is good, because it is Friday. I like it better that way, as my weekend starts in sync with everyone else. Back when I was working on Saturdays, I got very little sympathy about it, but that was probably because I had four-day weekends all the time. Not surprising, really...

However, today's best accomplishment was that I remembered to send snottygrrl her birthday e-card today. During the last several years, what with that whole International Date Line thing, if I sent something on the 13th, it got there the day after her birthday. I realize that's better than the rather haphazard record I have for sending birthday greetings, but there's something about remembering on the day, and having it still be too late. (She got the first Dr. Eldritch birthday e-card! If I know your birthday, you'll probably get one too!)

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