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Sunday: I Met a Champion

Well, he's the current Oregon State Champion, and ranked 7th in the Nation. At Bed Making. Really. I never knew that hospital people had annual competitions to see who is the best at making a bed while there's a person in it, but they apparently do. And I met the person who is the best at it (in Oregon, anyway). All this makes me wonder what other sorts of competitions they have, but as soon as I thought of the word "catheter," I realized that I didn't want to know.

And, naturally, the reason I was able to have this experience was because I spent part of the day hanging out at the hospital with sanguinity. It was more enjoyable than on Friday, when I could only stay an hour. And she was feeling better, but I could tell that being there four days in a row was taking its toll. I only hope that I never have to go that long without Internet Access! But she should be going home soon, and will be back online.

And I'd like to say I went home and was terribly productive and got this week's newsletter all written, but that's not what happened. So I should try to write it now...

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