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Week #1 of 2006: I Rate It a 5

*sigh* Well, some of my goals for being fierce and productive did manifest, but as is so often the case, what I ended up doing all week wasn't what I had planned.

The good news is that on Tuesday I finally figured out what to write for the column (two days late, but no matter). I had a couple ideas brewing, but they weren't being funny. Then I thought of Shazzorthogzealmanonuroth's dilemma, and that made me laugh. So I wrote that. (And I'm pleased with the batch of horoscopes, if I say so myself, particularly Gemini's, because it's mine.)

The most significant event of the last couple days was going to see sanguinity in the hospital! The Providence website said that visitors have to make the patient feel better, which is a lot of pressure on someone without medical training, but I seemed to help keep her spirits up. She wasn't her usual cheerful self, but that's not terribly surprising for someone who had just undergone abdominal surgery. I brought some Comic News for her (they're good for bed-reading because they require very little attention span). It was good to see her, although I have the same reaction that I always have when I visit someone in the hospital. I want to be able to make it All Better. And I can't. *sigh* Her parents showed up just as I needed to be going, so I felt better that I wasn't leaving her alone. I'm glad I went, and I think I was helpful. (If someone had a supply of Gameboys and mini-DVD-players to rent to hospital patients, they'd make a fortune. If I had brought hand puppets and put on a show, she would have watched, just to relieve the tedium.)

And I went the entire time (over an HOUR) without saying the word "Borg." I deserve a medal. ;-)
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