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First Post Of The New Year...

For many years my sole New Year's Resolution was "This Year, I'm Going To Be Perfect," although I was never really sure by what standard I'd measure that objective, so while I might, for the first days of each January, be more careful about what I ate or engaged in some exercise, I can't say it was a particularly helpful resolution. It amused me, at least. So that counts for something.

This year, I'm thinking about Goals, rather than Resolutions. For whatever reason, the word "Resolutions" has a negative connotation for me, as if it's a statement of intent without any connection to the practical matters of how it will be achieved. Perhaps it reminds me too much of my Quality Management days, when corporate entities came up with lofty and benevolent "Vision Statements" about valuing customers and employees, and then still made short-sighted decisions based on profitability for the stockholders. That always bugged me.

Goals are better. They're specific. And measurable. And one can plan how they will be achieved.

So I've been thinking a lot about goals. I had wanted to have them all figured out for 2006 by December 31st, so on Sunday I would know the Grand Plan. So Step #1 is still "Figure out my Goals." Then I'll move on to "Steps to Achieving Them."

(I also thought about what my goals have been in the past. When I was looking back at 2005, I realized that in some ways, my life hasn't changed much in the last twelve months. At first I felt a bit bad about that, as if I had wasted the year. Then I realized that compared to the five years prior, it was quite pleasant and calming. There was a lot of excitement in 2000 - 2004; I got divorced, got laid off (more than once), moved four times, and worked in Anchorage for twice as long as I expected. So 2005 was a Rebuilding Year. I'm okay with that.)

For 2006, I'm setting some targets for my writing, finances, projects and the organizational backlog I've acquired. I'm also trying to winnow out those things which no longer serve me. I'll also work on actually completing projects and not procrastinating on important, responsible-adult tasks that aren't much fun. I'd like to be better at that, not necessarily perfect. Not this year, anyway. Maybe in 2007.

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