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My Holiday Dinner

You may recall, I had Thanksgiving Dinner with leboyfriend, sanguinity and grrlpup, and the Solstice Celebration at holyhippie's. They were both great, but the drawback to having the holiday meals at someone else's house is not having a fridge full of Traditional Holiday Leftovers afterward. So I made myself a Holiday Dinner; turkey (not a whole turkey, just a 10-lb turkey breast), stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry gelatin salad, green salad, rolls, gravy (of course), and my specialty sweet-potato pie with vanilla ice cream. And it's no fun eating a dinner like that alone, so The Librarian* came over to share it with me.

It was indeed fun (well, I had a good time, and she didn't keep staring at her shoes or glancing at her watch and asking "how much longer do I have to stay to be polite?", so I assume she enjoyed it too). All of the food was ready on time (I know, isn't it supposed to take at least an extra half hour? Weird), so we started right off with dinner. Next was the walk down Peacock Lane, to admire the lights, marvel at the pedestrians getting rained on and feel smug about not being stuck in one of the cars creeping down the street. We noticed that there were several houses for sale on the Lane, so if anyone wants to live in a pleasant SE Portland neighborhood with a daily five-hour traffic jam outside their house for two weeks out of the year, check it out! While the weather was obligingly temperate with no wind, the rain was vigorous. By the time we got back, my Santa Hat was wetter than any Santa Hat I had ever seen. Soaked, really. We decided that viewing Christmas lights in the rain was a very Oregon Holiday Experience. Then there was nothing for it but to have a big mug of tea and watch Eddie Izzard's Unrepeatable. (Mr. Izzard is easily the funniest British Transvestite Stand-Up Comedian I've ever seen. He does a rambling, absurdist show with odd digressions, abrupt segues (which are all that much funnier for it, not as jarring as it sounds), and quick asides that seem spontaneous, not scripted. He does use grown-up language, and talks about a bit about religion and social commentary (e.g. what it's like to be a man who wears women's clothing in Britain), so if you find such things not to your taste, you could give it a miss.)

In the middle of it, we had Intermission, with pie and ice cream. Then had another serving after the end credits. There was a second Eddie Izzard video, but it was getting late and The Librarian had just recently gotten DSL, so she went home. I set the dishes by the sink so the Helper Elves could come and wash them in the middle of the night,** and admired my full refrigerator. Mmmm, a week of tasty Holiday Meal Leftovers! That's a tradition I'm happy to celebrate.

* The link goes to her journal. Maybe she'll write about this dinner too, so you can read about her take on the evening. Kind of a
"he blogged/she blogged" thing.

**They didn't. Selfish bastards...


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