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Inspired by sanguinity* and The Librarian*, I'm trying to Get Organized.

Perhaps that's a little misleading. Usually when someone says they're trying to get organized, I imagine that they're attempting to create a system to manage their time, information, and/or processes. I actually have a thorough, and if I may say, powerful, system already. I just haven't been using it. It's like owning a 5HP Food Processor, and instead of chopping each day's vegetables as they come in, I just tear up a few by hand to eat right away, and leave the rest scattered around, waiting to be dealt with. So my problem isn't so much knowing what to do or where to put things, but just getting the machine spinning and stuffing things through so they land in their proper places. Or something like that.

So I'm trying to be a Responsible Adult, and make progress on all the tasks and projects that I've been putting off. If I can figure out a great motivational tool to ensure that I engage the system regularly and not procrastinate, I'll teach classes in Time and Task Management. I should do some research. I'll get to that after I work on my novel, play some computer games, and read my Friends List on LiveJournal....

*No, click on the asterisks above for the links, not down here.

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