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I've been remiss in logging my activities. Some of the events and Brilliant Observations about Life I've had lately won't be recorded, and are undoubtedly lost forever, but I did want to mention the TGIO Party (Friday, Dec. 2nd) at nmaki's:


To be fair, I've only been to two (including this one), but it was a blast! I particularly liked the Readings. Many of the NaNoWriMos brought excerpts from their novels and read them. Out loud! I knew I would hear most of them because I wanted to be supportive of everyone's efforts, but I wasn't sure how well it would go. I was pleasantly surprised. There's a tremendous amount of creativity in that group, and almost everyone did a good job selecting a brief segment that showed something interesting about their novel. I'm glad we did that this year.

Since the Baked Mac & Cheese I'd made for the Write-In was so popular, I brought another batch for the Potluck, and they ate it all up! Well, there was about an ort left, but it was gratifying that people enjoyed it so much. Then to top it all off, sanguinity offered me a ride there and back, so I got to have Bonus Visiting time with her, The Librarian and grrlpup. I'd been feeling a bit tired, and had considered staying home, but I'm so glad I went; I would have really missed out if I'd not gone!
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