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grrlpup had this meme in her LJ, and since it's one of my favorites, I thought I'd do it to: Go to Calendar View, extract the first sentence from the first entry of each month, and list them in order.

Click on the Month to see the full post! (Some may be Friends Locked):

JANUARY: I've been wondering why I've been sluggish and unmotivated all week.

FEBRUARY: Pestilence spreads across the land, bringing forth a cacophony of sniffles, coughs and cranky grumblings from the stricken, which seems to include 90% of my Friends List.

MARCH: Probably due to the abnormal February weather, the local trees recently began releasing their golden pollen into the warm air, allowing it to be carried along by the gentle breeze, hoping to land where it could serve its greatest ambition; to convince my immune system that it's under attack and must defend me with irritation and an outpouring of unpleasant bodily fluids.

APRIL: This morning, at 5:32 a.m., after two days of feeling groggy and never being too far away from the nearest nap, my body decided that the Personal Sleep Quota had officially been met and I was now going to be awake.

MAY: Most Americans who celebrate Cinco de Mayo (who outnumber Mexicans who celebrate the day by 4,379:1) aren't aware that it isn't Mexican Independence Day, but instead, commemorates May 5th, 1862 when Mexico was discovered by an American.

JUNE: Forgive me, LiveJournal, for I have slacked; it's been six days since my last posting.

JULY: Today I flipped the page on my calendar and had that "Oh, poot!" moment of realization that July 1st was my deadline, and there's no way I can set up a candidacy PAC before the holiday weekend, so I guess I'm not going run for President in 2006 after all.

AUGUST: Having wonderful time. Wish y'all could be here!

SEPTEMBER: Back when lenser and I produced the comedy sketches I'd written for cable-access TV, we were editing an "excerpt" from a movie, for our film-review segment (the movie was "Fuzzy Bunnykin's Magical Trip to Twinkletown," a violent action-adventure flick. Really).

OCTOBER: My column for the week is yet unwritten, my apartment is in need of tidying up (thanks a lot, Magical Helper Elves!), and I should be getting ready to go to a reading of a play written by a friend of mine, so I had to spend the time to do this: Create a NaNo 2005 Icon!

NOVEMBER: Have you ever been in one of those relationships where you're going along and everything's really great, then the other party messes up, badly, and you're angry and hurt, but they apologize and offer excuses and say that they'll do better, and you realize that this isn't the first time that it's happened, and each time it does you swear you're going to dump them and go find someone else, but it's so much easier to stay where you are, even with all their faults, and you feel kinda stupid for repeating this cycle?

DECEMBER: It's now December, and I'm reminded that everyone in my immediate family was active in theater at one time or another (mostly community theater), which made it possible to recognize a specific malady that appeared at fairly predictable times in our house, a phenomenon known as Post-Show Letdown.

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