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Haven't been sleeping well. It's been going on much of the week so I got all floppy Thursday evening, and had about enough energy to lie on the couch and visit with Mr. Television. Thought I was doing well to shut him off at 9:00 and go bed, where I blissfully drifted off to sleep. For about thirty minutes. I then woke up, and my body seemed to feel it necessary to spend the next four hours awake.

I've had friends suggest all sorts of things, up to and including going to a Sleep Clinic. I do know, however, that if I go to my Health Care Provider, the first things they'll ask about are the basics, the stuff you always see in those "Top 10 Tips For A Better Night's Sleep" articles. And lately I've been lax in my Sleep Hygiene* protocols. So the first thing they'd have me do is work on those, and I know what they are, so I should actually do them, and see what happens. If I follow them rigorously for a while and things don't get better, then maybe it's time to Consult the Experts.

For example:
  • Engage in sustained periods of vigorous to strenuous exercise three to five times a week, early in the day.
  • Reduce or eliminate consumption of foods that interfere with sleep, such as caffeine, wheat, alcohol and dairy products.
  • Maintain a regular sleep schedule and bedtime routine.
  • Reduce Candidas levels in my system.
  • Get exposure to bright light right after waking up in the morning.
I was looking up Sleep Advice on the Internet, and I found this, which I thought was just too amusing:

From UofMaryland Medical Center:
"Some patients find it useful to visualize something boring. This may be a particularly boring teacher or lecturer, co-worker or friend."

Visualize a conversation with your Most Boring Friend? How crushing would that be to have a friend tell you "Yeah, I just imagine you in bed, and Bam! I'm out like a light!"

That's all for now.

Wait, one more thing: I like pie!

* No, that's not like showering before going to bed, it's about adhering to behaviors that promote restful sleep. Although sometimes that does mean showering before bed.

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