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On To A New Month...

It's now December, and I'm reminded that everyone in my immediate family was active in theater at one time or another (mostly community theater), which made it possible to recognize a specific malady that appeared at fairly predictable times in our house, a phenomenon known as Post-Show Letdown. Those of you who have been in theater know the camaraderie, excitement, adrenaline and drama (both on and off stage) that production of a play provides, and how one misses that when it's over, even if the show (or director or cast) was a raging pain at times in the process.

NaNoWriMo is over, and I'm not depressed, but there is a little sadness that the giggly mad rush has ended. There will be a final party, and everything gets put away until next November. To be fair, my novel isn't completely done, and I will continue to correspond with and/or see many of the other NaNoWriMos, so it isn't as if the circus has left town and won't be back for a year. But November, and all that goes with it, is over.

grrlpup described NaNo like a big group running across a field with everyone holding hands, and it is rather like that. Writing is usually such a solitary thing for me, it's a pleasant change to have it be so social and supportive, and to be a part of such a huge event. I could join up with other online writing communities, but I haven't decided to yet. Doing NaNo just once a year makes it seem more special.

There's been discussion about why is NaNo in November, and shouldn't it be a different month, but I think this is the perfect time for it. It's over, but the Holiday Season is upon us! Those who miss the hours and hours at the keyboard can throw their energy into preparing for the festivities. And isn't it the perfect time to pay attention to all those non-novelist friends and family members who've been mostly ignored for the last four week?

Yeah, I think so too.
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