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FAT: that's Friday After Thanksgiving!

I guess it's good that I didn't hear the news before I went to Thanksgiving Dinner, so I was able to have a good time. And a good time was had, indeed!

leboyfriend kindly invited me to join in the holiday festivities at his home, so I spent the evening with him, sanguinity and grrlpup, with Special Guest Appearances by G (leboyfriend's daughter) and J (his flatmate). All I had to contribute was a sweet potato pie and a tray of Nuclear Blue Grasshopper Jello (both of which were enthusiastically received, I may add), and I got an entire Thanksgiving Dinner! With excellent company! Sweet deal, if you ask me.

We learned that Sanguinity and I make a rather good Pictionary team (I got to draw the winning picture: "Waffle Iron." Fitting, huh?). This was even after the Intermission, when Grrlpup and Leboyfriend took G back to where she's staying. While they were gone, Sanguinity and I tidied up. Since I'm from Arizona, I can skeletonize a cow in five minutes (wait, that's a school of piranha; I can dismantle a roast turkey with my bare hands, which is messy, but more efficient than using a knife and much safer after several servings of jello, if you know what I mean). Again, our stunning burst of teamwork got all the food stored away, so once the others returned, we could all chat and play the game without worrying about creating potential food-poisoning issues. Well, I would worry.

It was almost midnight when I got home, so I'm a bit groggy today, and brought down by the news. I was going to work on my novel, but I may try to find a phone number for Jessica, and see if she needs any consoling....
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