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In Which Evan Is Very Productive...

I started the day with a task that's becoming tradition: I called my mother to ask for the Sweet Potato Pie Recipe. No, it's not a secret, it's just that my cookbook with the recipe card tucked into it is packed away somewhere, and it was easier to call than to hunt it down. Plus, I got to talk to my mother, which is a good thing. And not only because she went on for a bit about how she thought something I wrote was funny (what humor writer doesn't want to hear that?), she's rather entertaining too. A while back, she gave me permission to tell editors and publishers that "My Mother thinks I'm a very funny writer." You know that will look great in a query letter. I could get accepted on that alone!

The original plan for the day was to write a lot, but I realized that much needed to be done before the holiday, so it turned into a Busy Day. That means I baked a bunch of sweet potatoes, updated the comic, shopped for pie ingredients, baked two pies, scripted Comics 37 - 39, went for a walk to get Crème de Cacao for Nuclear Blue Grasshopper Jello, made the aforementioned jello, washed all the dishes, took out the garbage and recycling, dropped books off at the library, did four loads of laundry, verified the last of the transcriptions for the search function, and worked on comic #37. I feel good about all that.

So I made no progress on my novel, but I did clear the way for working on it tomorrow. Speaking of which; Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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