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This Week's Highlights

Mostly, I've been writing. When I'm not writing, I'm working on the comic. The script I'd worked up runs out tomorrow, so I had to write next week's comics as well. Fortunately, I've got a rough plan for the second storyline, so I'm not starting from scratch, but I do need to write the script before I can create the comics. Step.... step.... step.......

BIG Highlight! Went to nmaki's Invitation-Only Write-In Potluck (yeah, I'm one of the Cool Kids that got invited)! This was well-worth attending, even if it was so far away (Hillsboro). sanguinity and grrlpup graciously offered to give me a ride out there, so I got Bonus Visiting Time with them. The party (I mean, Write-In) was a blast; I increased my word count by about 2K words, and chatted with many people. I baked up macaroni and cheese, which was terribly popular (and caused one person to express her love for me, which is always nice).

It's November; most of my highlights involve writing. Went to the Write-In at Papaccino's. Didn't stay long, wrote enough to get back on track for the 1,667/day word-count rate, and headed back home to type it in.

Sanguinity reminded me that we were going to go hear Daniel Wilson speak (the author of "How To Survive A Robot Uprising"). This was both for entertainment and research, as when we unleash our Robot Army that I'm not supposed to talk about, we could give people ways to survive. (Remember this phrase and be prepared to use it: "I, for one, welcome our new Robot Overlords!") It turned out that his focus was more on Autonomous Robots Gone Bad, where they are only trying to kill all humans, instead of being the pawns of Evil Geniuses bent on Global Domination. Anyway, I haven't read the book, but Dr. Wilson was very, very funny. Sang gave me a ride home, and we talked for quite a while about Cabbages and Kings. A very agreeable evening, and a nice break from writing.

More writing! What a surprise! The day was sunny, so I also went for a walk, washed some dishes (as nobody has volunteered to wash them for me), and went to the downtown Write-In. pagefever and I sat at the table with the nametags and the stars, which meant that we got to see people and talk with them when they picked up their nametags, dropped them off, or put stars on them (for hitting word-count milestones). So, more visiting than writing. Again. Pagefever probably doesn't remember this, but she was the first Portland NaNo person I met IRL, at Chris Baty's reading in 2004. I envy her ability to write untamed, almost stream-of-consciousness journal entries that are lively, funny and fascinating.

The Librarian sat at the table behind me, and we talked a while as we ate our dinners, but I made a point of not pestering her too much, as she was trying to make progress on her word count. I did fairly well with that, I think. (She has a blog too, and although she only started it recently, and I suspect she thinks long, long thoughts that she hasn't written about yet, and she hasn't talked about what she has for breakfast, it's quite good reading.)

And because everybody likes the Part About Them, I also saw Alpha Maki, nmaki, grrlpup, sanguinity, kr8vkat, and finally put a face to solstone. Not the most productive evening from a writing viewpoint, but a fun time!

Yeah, more writing, but that's not the interesting bit! Once again it was a sunny November day, so I went walking. I like to say hello to the neighborhood cats, so I keep an eye out for things at ground-level as a walk. Heading up SE Taylor, I saw something sitting on the sidewalk ahead of me. I thought it was a feline, but as I got closer it stood up, alert. A hawk! He (I assume) had taken a pigeon, and had been plucking feathers and doing what predators do with their prey. I stopped, not wanting to disturb him, but he decided I was after his pigeon, so he hefted the whole thing (which was as big as he was), and flew it to a tree branch. I figured that was for the best, as he was much less likely to be interrupted there, or have the Miracle of the Food Chain demonstrated by one of the neighborhood cats when his head was down. (No, I'm not sure what kind of urban raptor it was, but I'd guess either a Red-Tailed Hawk or Sharp-Shinned Hawk.) As we say in my country, Way Cool.

Even though sanguinity said No Time For TV in November, I ran out of steam Wednesday night, and Mr. Television and I watched "Mythbusters." If I went on about every night that I sleep poorly, this blog would be even more tedious than it is. I'll just say that this week has not been the most restful. The full moon? Perhaps, but more likely the various dietary transgressions I've indulged in (e.g. Mac and Cheese is tasty, but not my friend). Eventually I'll be mature enough to only eat the right things, and not give in to delicious temptations. Someday.
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