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To Eugene, and BEYOND!

On Sunday, Beren (um, wait, that's "B") called, and asked if I wanted to go to Eugene. My usual answer is "My god, NO!", but her cousin was going to look at University of Oregon and they would make it a daytrip on Monday. So if I was going with THEM (and what's the good of being unemployed if you can't go on a spontaneous roadtrips?), I said yes.

I've driven minivans before, but never one this nice. I think B was relieved when I said I'd drive, as she's recovering from a cold and didn't relish four hours behind the wheel, navigating an unfamiliar town while monitoring a 13-month-old ("G"). It wasn't until the return trip that G got cranky, but I'm getting ahead of myself. To be fair, it wasn't a dramatic trip filled with heart-pounding adventure. We drove down, had Thai food for lunch, parked on campus, hung out while her cousin ("D") toured the bio lab, we all walked around the campus, then drove home. G slept the whole way down, but woke up around Brownsville and decided that wailing was the thing to do. We stopped in Woodburn for french fries and a bit of a walk around, which cheered him up immensely.

So here's the highlights: UofO has a GREAT gym, with tons of machines, huge pool, an indoor running track AND a rock wall for climbing! Made me want to go back to college. Also, it was warm and sunny, so being Oregon, EVERYBODY was outside. I noticed many attractive women. REALLY made me want to go back to college. Of course, walking in the company of a woman pushing a toddler in the stroller might not be the best conditions for meeting single women. Maybe I can join a fraternity back in Portland...

The most amusing aspect of the trip was while listening to a "Radio Disney" CD of kids songs. My eyes went wide when I heard the guitar intro to the Kinks' "Lola." WTO?, I think, that's not a kid's song! It turned out to a reworded version about "Yoda," which was pretty funny in itself (example lyrics: "Without Darth Vader you'd be unemployed, Yo-Yo-Yoda!"). The part I like best is knowing that there's a generation of kids growing up thinking that this song is about Yoda, and someday they're going to hear the original version and experience the surreal realization that it's about gender confusion. That makes me chuckle! Have fun, Kids!

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