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Step, Step, Step, Step, Step, Step, Step....

When I posted Monday's comic, I had nothing left. No, not exhaustion, but that episode was the only one I had finished. Wednesday's was partially done, but it was another party scene, which have been taking many hours to complete. My goal of going into November ahead by a dozen or more comics just isn't going to happen.

So I worked on the comic much of the morning, and to celebrate its completion, I went for a walk. The weather was cool and overcast, but the walk was productive. I returned library books. And thought about my novel. I find walking is a good kickstart for creativity; I tell myself the story of my novel as I stride through the neighborhood (pausing only to say hello to the cats), and all sorts of details pop into my head. I make notes in my little memo book, not all of which are legible later (which can be a good thing, actually).

After my return home, I wrote this week's column and assembled the newsletter. I'd been struggling with a letter from an Evil Being, but it just wasn't working. On Sunday, the thought "talking car" popped into my head, and the letter came together in a couple hours. So I went with that, and sent off the newsletter to my Proofreading Minion for review.

While I did that, the sky cleared. I was thinking that it was a pity I'd gone for my walk before it got nice out, when I was struck by the obvious: Go for another walk! Which I did, and it was great. I got to enjoy sunny and pleasantly warm weather and gain another round of story building.

A lot of creative people who must provide content on schedule compare it to a treadmill, but I think it's more like walking up the down escalator. Every step raises you up a bit, but there's no time for standing about and enjoying the view. You've got to be taking that next step, or you're sinking down to the bottom. It's not so worrying if you're near the top, but a bit anxiety-inducing when the steps relentlessly lower you closer and closer to the shame of Missing A Deadline. (I'm not complaining; all of my regularly-scheduled content is self-assigned. I'm just noticing how easy it is to end up at the bottom of the escalator.)

So Monday was a very Creative Day. Comic, newsletter, and novel! Even though there are stresses involved in the lifestyle, and it's not yet highly lucrative, I'm really, really enjoying the Writer's Life. And I've got Tuesday and Wednesday free as well! Let's see if I can get another comic ahead on the escalator...

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