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The Week In Review


Monday I did what I actually should have been doing all week; I worked on the comic. I'm in the midst of creating party scenes, which take much, much more time (seven or eight figures, instead of two, plus props, plus three or four additional conversations). Wasn't happy with the final punchline, so I left it. Considered having a "finish the joke" contest. Decided against it.

Then I went to see snottygrrl! She was staying with her brother and his family, so BA, TJ and I met at their house and over the course of an hour, watched the small children, chatted with SIL, and decided on where to go to eat (which took the most time). Unfortunately, it had been so long since I've dined out in Northeast that I'd forgotten that most of the nicer restaurants are closed. Our first five or six choices weren't open, so we settled on a NW-style-MiddleEastern-Cuisine place, which was... interesting. A little odd. The wait staff wasn't too attentive, the ambiance was loud, and the food was hit-or-miss (we each took about two bites of the tapenade, and left the rest), but we enjoyed the company and the drinks. Not a wasted evening, by any means.


I'd like to say I was more productive, but I was not. Bounced between different chores, making the overall level of order better, but no one task got completely done. Well, I did clear out my car, but mostly by stuffing various boxes of into the back or taking them inside. Then snottygrrl called and asked if I was available to visit; and I was. When I arrived, I had to play "Cops" for a few minutes with T (who is about four), and we checked out the crawlspace above the kitchen. He liked that particularly. SIL then managed to get him to go play with something else, and I spent much of the afternoon talking and looking at pictures of snottygrrl's travels. It was very agreeable; aside from a few phone calls, we've hardly gotten a chance to talk without someone else around for... a long time. After a while, though, T couldn't stand having the possibility of something interesting going on without him around, and he came back upstairs to help me look at pictures.

After that, I swooped by to pick up berber_in_pdx, to go to the NaNo meeting! We arrived a bit early; the Librarian was there, but no one else. Then nmaki arrived and we had a few minutes of the four of us, and suddenly there were fifteen or so people jammed in around the ever-expanding table. We got some goodies and did some coloring (we consigned our "Inner Editors" to envelopes for the duration of November, so as to not interfere with our headlong first drafts), and then the group dispersed. sanguinity stayed around after, and we chatted until just before 9:00, when they released the rodents*. We then meandered to Sang's car, where we continued talking. It's always validating when one's friends seem to get along; it means everybody I know has good taste.


Today's highlights were an eye exam and finishing Comic #22. Not very exciting, I know, but I ordered more contacts (I'm wearing my last pair, which is not good if one gets torn or lost), and I came up with a punchline that made me giggle. There's no guarantee that anyone else will be amused, but it was better than what I had, so I went with it. Oh, wait, I got an email from WLS! She and her husband (Yanni), pulled up stakes from Colorado a while back, bought a place in Jerome, Arizona, and are making it into a Bed & Breakfast! Her email had their website, so I looked at the construction photos, read some of her blog, and sent her an email. Turns out she knew my news, because she's been reading my LJ (Hi!). I feel so wired, knowing that with our respective journals, we can keep track of each other's life completely without talking to each other. It's so New Millennium!


Had the Producer Meeting, which you probably read already. Then went to work. I've got a two-day workweek, since Nenslo is taking Saturday so I can go to the NaNo Kick-Off. Two days of work a week is about right. If I could make $1,000 per day on that schedule, I'd be very happy.


Put together a Vote-Incentive comic for the weekend. You should see it when you vote Saturday, if you haven't already. The content isn't vital to following the story, but why would you NOT want to know?

And I think I've got a story idea for NaNo. At least until I decide to do something else.

Tonight, I go to BA's house for a Murder Mystery game. We'll see how this goes; my previous experiences with them haven't been so great, but I have hopes.

And I worked. I guess that's all, for now...

* Don't read this bit if you're squicked by the thought of rodents running around inside a mall food court. Okay, you've been warned: As we were talking, I saw three mice scampering about under the empty tables, looking for dropped change, probably so they could buy cigarettes. It amused me to think that they were somehow part of the mall staff, but I doubt they're official. (See, that wasn't so bad.)

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