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I Did Lunch With Some Producers....

Well, they ate breakfast, actually, but I met with the Producers this morning, and we talked about "Incubus." I feel good about this. They've got producing experience, own their camera and editing equipment, and really like what I wrote (that always helps). They want to submit the finished piece to film festivals next year, so they plan on shooting in February, and having it scored and edited in time for summer deadlines. They're open to my input, and invited me to be on set when they shoot. I'm going to take them up on that, believe me!

We signed a simple use agreement that specifies that I keep copyright of the script, so I can still submit it to contests or sell it again, if I so choose. I'll probably not do anything with it for a year or so, though. It wasn't a script that I was actively shopping around, but one that was in the "inactive" stack. I'm pleased that I thought of it when I saw the ad.

So this boat has set sail, and I don't really have to do anything to keep it going, which is nice. I'll check in with them now and then, and post updates, but I don't expect I'll do much on it between now and February. Which is good, because I have this NaNo thing to think about...
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