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Because I like to Indulge My Readers...

So you think you want to know what this Troll/Penguin thing looks like?

Trevor and Penguin

See, Trevor's merely fooling about with one of the pieces of Art that are scattered about the mansion (don't ask why he's wearing a helmet). Trevor is libidinous by nature, but it's just a statue.

I try to check each comic to ensure that nothing appears that could be misinterpreted (like the infamous "Far Side" cartoon with the dog howling victoriously on top of an overturned car, which some readers thought looked like the dog was having much more fun than intended). Not that I'm being prudish; I expect there will be some risqué material (you know, nudity, hot sex, unrestrained intellectualism, etc.). But I don't want controversy about accidental stuff, unless I hit a slump and need to get publicity.

Now you know!
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