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Blogging About My Blog. (Metablogging?)

1. How long have you had your LiveJournal/blog?

The first entry for this Livejournal is February 13, 2004. However, I started the Alaska Journal on November 7, 2002, so I've been blogging about eight years.

2. What do you consider to be the main purpose of your LiveJournal/blog?

Most people would probably say I blog merely "To meet women," which isn't actually correct. The purpose for my blogging is four-fold: to allow my friends and family to know what's going on in my life, to save my thoughts and activities for personal record, and to practice writing.

3. If you could change something about your personal blogging style, what would it be?

Many of my friends and friends-of-friends seem to effortlessly pen insightful and artistic journal entries; I'd like to be able to do that. Perhaps it's just my personal style, but I seem to merely vacillate between "Not Too Tedious" and "Amusing."

4. What are your criteria for adding someone to your Friends List?

Well, I rarely add people I don't know. If it's not someone I've met IRL, I want the sense that this person and I could have a spirited conversation on more than one topic, even if we didn't agree on everything. And they have to be able to write coherently; I'd have a hard time friending someone's journal if it was filled with typos, spelling errors or egregious sentences. Mostly, there's got to be something I can connect with, something that interests me. I can't imagine friending someone whose journal primarily details who they hung out with at the mall.

5. Name one thing that you've never before written about in your LJ/blog.

My secret fascination with Fran Drescher. Did you know that if you watch old episodes of "The Nanny" with the volume turned off because you can't stand the sound of her voice, it appears to be a TV show about an upscale New York family who has a hooker move into their home and despite their best efforts, she refuses to leave or do anything useful? Try it some time, you'll see what I mean.
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