evannichols (evannichols) wrote,

I Play Well With Others....

I'd been hoping that if I left all the dishes sitting in the sink, the Magical Helper Elves would come along in the middle of the night and wash them for me. That didn't happen.

Those Elves are going to get a very low satisfaction rating this year, as I was forced to do the washing up myself. And the laundry and tidying up and taking out the trash... you get the idea. I always try to keep the effects of bachelorhood under control, particularly the empty pizza boxes (as previously discussed, they spontaneously generate. I never order pizza anymore). Despite being a bit groggy from a macaroni-and-cheese binge the night before, I restored a reasonable amount of order. I felt good about that.

The Librarian came over last night, and we played with dolls! No, really. She brought over her Edward Scissorhands figure and I took some pictures of him for the upcoming Halloween Party episodes for the webcomic. I showed off the process I use to edit the photos, insert them into the scenes for the comics, and add the speech balloons. This apparently didn't bore her too much, and we shifted to playing with dolls. She looked through the collection of figures, props and wardrobe, and we dressed the partygoers in costumes. The picture is the result of our efforts. Most of my webcomic activities have been solo until now; it was very pleasant to be able to share some with such agreeable company. So, let the Party Begin!

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