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I am fierce, hear me ROAR!

As I mentioned earlier, I've been selling my stuff on eBay to clear out the clutter, and to help make it through until someone decides to give me lots of money or regular employment or both. My biggest sale was a book, Martin Gardner's "The Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic." I bought it for $35 about twelve years ago, thinking I could teach myself a few illusions for the only thing for which magic tricks are useful (i.e. impressing women). Well, the self-teaching never happened, and the book patiently sat in a box. When I put it up for auction, it sold for $119! American! I was quite pleased, and wished I had a few dozen more of those.

Since I don't, I've been lurking about at garage sales, looking for the elusive collectible treasure. This is hindered by the fact that I have no real idea what things are worth. I've purchased a few things on spec which turned out to be worth no more than the dollar or so I paid for it (I don't risk much). However, I've had a few scores. I went to a church rummage sale on Friday and in a pile of loose toys, found a Major Matt Mason figure, complete with helmet (with working visor!). I had one of those when I was young, so I paid the asking price (25¢). I checked eBay, a nearly identical one just sold for $91! American! If I can sell mine for that much, this will be the best Return On Investment Ratio I will probably EVER see!

The rest of what I saw that day was crap, so I returned to the rummage sale on Saturday. Sitting forlornly on a table was a bobble-head figure in its original plastic bag; Dobby from the Harry Potter "Chamber of Secrets". A quick eBay check: $20!

I realize that I may not have such exciting finds frequently, but it's encouraging. I'd like to make enough to keep me going until my writing career starts bringing in more money, and this helps. So, got any old toys in good condition?

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