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I was awake long before anyone else was stirring. The part of the plan where I slept in the bedroom farthest from the living room was good, but I quickly realized the problem with using the loo or making the morning coffee. I did both as quietly as I could, and read for a while. L, on the sofa, stirred, was up long enough for and apparently went back to sleep. Eventually people woke up and stayed awake.

At DrArwenChicken's request, I had called the vacation rental office, and verified that nobody was staying at the Sea Cliff that evening, so we could check out at 2:00, instead of 11:00. Maybe families with small children can be up and out by that time, but this lot was barely out of bed. Everyone pitched in and tidied up. Washing dishes was the second-longest task, only lagging behind determining what to do with the multitude of partially-consumed bottles of various potables. There were a LOT of bottles. Still we made it through, and were ready not too much after 2:00.

It wasn't until much later did we realize that DrArwenChicken's Taste of Tillamook glass had been sitting on the counter, and did not travel home with us. Someone had probably put it in the dishwasher or cabinet. Let that be a lesson to us all; when you buy souvenirs, pack them in your luggage right away! Otherwise, they may not be such a good souvenir.

Then the bittersweet phase of vacation; we've arrived home tired but happy, yet it's time to return to the mundane aspects of life. Despite this and the uncertainty that preceded the Beach Weekend, I can only rate it as an overwhelming success.
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