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Notes on the Webcomic Project (perhaps only interesting to me)....
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I struggled with getting dr_eldritch on LiveJournal to display the full comic. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong (I used the same code as another comic), but it kept coming up with just the link and plain text. Then I set up a news reader for that feed, and the full image came through fine. So it's a LiveJournal thing (and it takes hours for it to pick up on updates; what up with that?). I set up dreldritchcomic for anyone who wants to see the full comic via LiveJournal, and will stop fussing with it.

Hooray for My Fans! I got a call this morning this morning at 7:25 a.m. A Fan wanted to know when today's comic would be up. The enthusiasm is greatly appreciated, but let me point out that such phone calls will NOT cause the comics to post any earlier. I'm just saying.

I Can Do It Three Times In One Day: Create a comic, that is. Yesterday I set myself the goal to create Episodes 7, 8 and 9. I finished #9 about 10:15 p.m., but I took several breaks, including time to walk over Mt. Tabor (beautiful day) and do some grocery shopping. I'm pleased that I can work at that rate, so I can keep up with the weekly schedule. However, I do note that my right shoulder and wrist are complaining a little today, so I'll probably aim for creating only one comic in a day, and arrange a more ergonomic configuration for my laptop.

Webstats: The counters show 6,278 hits so far for September! Even if I got no more visits the rest of the month, September would still be the second-busiest month EVER (#1 was July, when Ask Dr. Eldritch was mentioned on About.com, with 9,754 hits). I know some of those hits are just off image-scrapers like toothpastefordinner and fuzzysquid, but there must be people out there seeing the comic for the first time.

Favicon.ico: Anybody out there have an app that can convert a 16x16-pixel bmp file to a favicon.ico icon? The free one I downloaded only does 36x36. Not a crucial thing, but I'd be appreciative if you could help me out!

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