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Burning Man Pictures!

MONDAY - sanguinity, grrlpup and leboyfriend came over to share their photos from Burning Man, and some surplus travel food. The boxes of Indian sauces had authentic Burning Man playa dust on them! And they brought pudding. What better friends could one have?

The pictures are amazing. I love looking at photos anyway, but uncountable gallons of creativity and artistry go into the costumes, camps and art pieces for the event. I ran out of superlatives, and just kept muttering “Wow! Cool! Wow!!”

They also told me stories, some of which are posted on their respective journals. Check them out if you want a glimpse into this unique event.

I don’t much care for dry, dusty heat (yes, I grew up in Arizona; that’s how I know), but the stories and tales of Burning Man make me think that I might, someday, brave those conditions to actually see it for myself. I’ll take pudding.
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