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La Dentista!

Tuesday - Had an 8:00 a.m. dental appointment to fix the crack in my tooth. It went well, although there was much discussion whether I wanted the area numbed or not. She said it was a small area, and much of the space was an existing filling, so the drill might not even come close to sensitive areas. I decided I don't like pain, so I went with the shot.

I'm glad I did. There were several moments where I got the sensation of intense COLD where she was drilling. Apparently cold-sensing nerves are the last to numb up, so the pain-sensing nerves would probably have been quite active during those moments. Active pain sensing would have been Bad.

So now I have one less Evil-Mercury-Containing-Amalgam filling, and a shiny, new porcelain one! They did say someone manufactures brightly-colored fill for kids, but it's not durable enough for permanent teeth, and most adults don't want fluorescent blue or glittery pink fillings (most, anyway).

Then, as I was leaving, I spent a minute talking with the dentist, and she took off her protective mask and glasses. Had I never seen her face without them before? She's a very attractive woman! I do know she's divorced (she recently went back to using her maiden name), but I wonder if she's seeing anyone? I know this sounds like an episode of Friends, but maybe I can inquire the next time I see her. Come to think of it, this filling seems just a little bit too high, so there's more pressure at that point when I bite down. She did say to come back if it needed any adjusting....

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