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Learn Something New Every Day....

For a while, I held the policy that as soon as I learned something new in a day, I could take the rest of the day off. Unfortunately, not every employer was comfortable with that, so I let it go. On the good side, however, now I quite often learn more than one new thing in a day.

Anyway, one of today’s New Things is What You Cannot Mail To Italy. I don’t always remember to check for prohibitions, as most of the time we’re just shipping books. But this time, I clicked on the “Restrictions for Italy” link while calculating postage.

Many items weren’t surprising, like “Radioactive Materials” and “Human Remains.” It seems quite reasonable that Italians don’t want to be receiving human remains in the mail from America. (They probably say “Maledizione! Abbiamo ricevuto ancora il remains umano nella posta dall'America!”) But some of the items... well, here are some of the ones I found most curious:
  • Clocks and supplies for clocks.
  • Footwear of any kind.
  • Toys not made wholly of wood.
  • Playing cards of any kind.
  • Ribbons for typewriters.
Typewriter ribbons? What threat do you think they pose to the national security of Italy? Or do they just hate them? Maybe the Scribe’s Guild got them prohibited, so people will have to hire a scribe to hand-write their letters and memos. Of course, typewriters themselves aren’t prohibited. I wonder if you mail a typewriter to Italy, do you have to take the ribbon out of it?

To see the list for yourself, click here.
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