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Back when lenser and I produced the comedy sketches I'd written for cable-access TV, we were editing an "excerpt" from a movie, for our film-review segment (the movie was "Fuzzy Bunnykin's Magical Trip to Twinkletown," a violent action-adventure flick. Really). We had assembled the 45-second sequence, put in a few sound effects and finished with a music soundtrack. Then we watched the completed version for the first time....

Halfway through, we started giggling. And immediately watched it again. And laughed even more. Not because the clip was funny, but because it was so cool! It was just like a clip from a low-budget movie, and we'd made it! We must have watched it half a dozen times before we moved on.

I've been experiencing similar feelings about the comic. It's great, and it's consuming my life. It's the first thing I want to do in the mornings. I think about it when I wake up in the middle of the night. Extraneous activities, like work, cooking and housecleaning, have been reduced to the bare minimum. But the great thing is, I've finally gotten through all the learning and preparation stages, and now it's coming together. It's happening! I assembled the first four-panel comic yesterday, and if I may say so myself, Oh... My... GOD! ROXXOR!!!!!

I know, not everyone will be so excited. For me, it's like every time I've seen my words published, or performed on stage or on video; it's an undescribable rush of "I made that!" It's gone from my head to the screen, and in less than a week, will be available for the world to see. It's just so... way cool! I'm going to go look at it again!
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