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Life Is But A Meme....

And for once, I didn't modify anything just to amuse myself!

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  1. How did you meet dreldritch? That's a long and amusing anecdote, involving a brawl at the International Society of Stamp Collectors and a daring rescue from an Improbable Beast.

  2. What would you do if you had never met oh_that_jocelyn? Complain a lot more about the weather and date inappropriately-aged women.

  3. What do you honestly think of grrlpup? She's great; a lot goes on in her mind that she doesn't say, and if she ever had to kill someone, I think she'd be mercifully quick about it.

  4. Would or did dreldritch and justslm go out? Hee, no! But that's pretty funny!

  5. Have you ever liked holyhippie? Dude, he's my brother. So of course I like him, but not "like him" like him.

  6. If snottygrrl died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need her to know? I wouldn't mind a sign from the Great Beyond.

  7. Would sanguinity and leboyfriend make a good couple? They seem to get along.

  8. Describe nmaki in 3 words: Sweet, Giving, nikkipower!

  9. Do you think dreldritch is hot? Duh! He's the hottest supernatural-advice columnist there is! Not that I find him attractive.

  10. Would snottygrrl and dreldritch make a lovely couple? Yeah, but the women he's romantically involved with tend to die horribly, and I wouldn't wish that on her.

  11. What do you think of when you see justslm? Art! (Well, and a bunch of our other mutual experiences, too.)

  12. Tell me something humiliating about leboyfriend: Um, he's British (sorry, that's the best I got).

  13. Do you know any of lenser's family members? Yes. If they're really his family.

  14. What's dreldritch's favorite color? Probably Ultra Violet.

  15. On a scale of 1-10 how cute is dreldritch? Look, I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality, but this is getting a bit weird.

  16. What would you do if drarwenchicken just professed their undying love for you? Well, she's my sister. Let's not click that link, shall we?

  17. What language does dreldritch speak? He's fairly good with English, but I suspect he has a fine command of a variety of languages.

  18. Who is dreldritch going out with? Um, see the note about horribly dying.

  19. Is kr8vkat a boy or a girl? As far as a know, she's a woman.

  20. Would dreldritchand drarwenchicken make a good couple? This is getting creepy.

  21. Who do you think dreldritch would be great with from this list? Look, I don't know what your fascination is with Dr. E's love life, but can we talk about something else?

  22. When was the last time you talked to dreldritch? Yesterday?

  23. What is holyhippie's favorite band? Good question. Show's you're curious about the world around you.

  24. Does sanguinity have any siblings? She said she does, but I have no proof.

  25. Would you ever date lenser? Crap! I thought we got away from those accusations years ago! For the last time, NO!

  26. Would you ever date nmaki? She's rather unavailable.

  27. Is dreldritch single? Yes.

  28. What is dreldritch's last name? Eldritch

  29. What is dreldritch's middle name? He's reticent about revealing his FIRST name, why do you think I'm going to tell you his middle name?

  30. What is grrlpup's fantasy? To win the Young Adult novel contest?

  31. Where does kr8vkat live? In the Sellwood area.

  32. Would you make out with dreldritch? Whoa, Dude. What up? That's just weird.

  33. Are oh_that_jocelyn and lenser best friends? I don't know about BEST friends, but they say they like each other.

  34. Does nmaki like dreldritch? She says she does.

  35. How did you meet dreldritch? Nice try. You asked that before.

  36. Is dreldritch older than you? Yes, lots.

  37. Is dreldritch the sexiest person alive? He probably wouldn't mind people thinking so.

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