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The Party Phase

Of course, before things got really rolling, K and D went for a walk on the beach, so DrArwenChicken and I went to check our email at the Internet Café. Only part of this was obsessive e-mail compulsion; I was running several auctions on eBay, and I wanted to be able to respond to any questions. Of course, nobody should have to go more than 24 hours without email, but that's for humanitarian reasons.

Soon after we returned to the Sea Cliff, another car drove up, with J, B, and, um, J (Damn! This is going to get confusing). The next thing was to assess food supply, and make a grocery run. L and T weren't going to arrive for a while, so we figured we'd start on dinner.

Now, I've been sworn to secrecy never to reveal anything that happened during the Party Phase, and much of that is just a blur, which helps, but I do have a few memories clear enough to relate:

  • Despite the plethora of bottles, the group decided that we STILL did not have enough alcohol, so a team was dispatched to fetch more. They were wildly successful.

  • There was some confusion as B was cooking. The plan was to grill burgers and veggie kabobs, but he started prepping the meat for the skewers. When this was noticed, I tried to diplomatically point out that he was given carte blanche (Fr. for "jungle weasel") for cooking, which started J off in a giggle fit. B's embarrassment only made J giggle more, but we plunged ahead with the skewer plan, and the kabobs were delicious.

  • When you have eight people in a hot tub, there's not much room left for the water. Nobody seemed to mind.

  • After the eating and drinking and hot-tubbing, I wasn't allowed to go to bed until we competed a game of Cranium. Despite being moderately sober, I flailed helplessly with the word-oriented questions; a tad humiliating for someone who considers himself a writer. We stuck to the factoid questions, and still came in last place.

Somewhere around midnight I was given clearance to go to bed, and I promptly did so. Reflecting on the day during the few minutes between retiring and sleep, I could only rate it as yet another great vacation day.

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